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I am a potter and collector of objects.  I have a large collection of primitive metal pouring cans and cast iron plumb bobs – over 100 pieces.  My interest in these objects comes not only from their function but also from the beauty of their forms and the patina on their surfaces.  Wear from use reveals their forms in a way that was never originally intended.  Plumb bobs are shaped like pots and functionally they find “center.” They feel good in the hand and become tactile like pots. The metal pouring cans have been eroded by use and neglect.  They undergo a metamorphosis from utilitarian use into a beautiful object. 
These objects provide ideas for my forms. To impart the eroded, tactile characteristics I admire, I work the surfaces with textures and impressions. Living in the country surrounded by prairies and woods inspires the abstract imagery. Firing in the wood kiln brings the work even closer to this environment, adding the “patina” of wear and exposure to the elements. It is the metamorphosis of an object from beginning to end that I find fascinating.
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